What To Do If Your Husband Is On His Cell All Of The Time

Cell phones are a wonderful addition to our lives.  They give us the ability to stay connected to those we love and care about all of the time.  They also provide us the ability to have life be much more convenient for us thanks to being able to access email and internet at all times.  But they are not without downfalls, especially if someone you love such as your husband, is on his cell all of the time.  It can begin to really affect your relationship.

If you are dealing with this problem, it is wise to consider why he is on the phone.  Is he on his cell concerning business to do with his work?  If so, it is probably a good choice to try to be understanding as much as possible.  His job is beneficial to you and helps to give you a better lifestyle.

Think about yourself.  Are you always on your cell?  If you are always on yours, then he may feel like he might as well be on his cell.  He may just be surfing the net or chatting with buddies out of boredom or because he feels like you are neglecting him.

If neither of those situations are the case and he is simply using his cell excessively, then you may need to address the problem.  Talk to him and tell him that you would like to have times when he is not on his cell phone such as times when you go out on a date together or at dinner when you are with your children.  Maybe you can suggest that there be a time that both of your turn your cell phones off for the night or turn them to silent.  The main point you want to convey is that you value your time together and treasure it.

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