What You Should Do When Your Husband Forgets An Important Date

Relationships are very important to women and dates such as our anniversary and birthday are days we expect our husbands to be extra special to us.  Therefore, if a husband forgets, it can feel extremely hurtful to his wife.  Here are some things you can do if it happens to you.

Give him a chance to explain.  He may have been overwhelmed at work lately or have simply forgotten his wallet that morning and had intentionally planned to stop and buy you flowers on the way home.  Sometimes, if a husband forgets, he really had the best of intentions.

Accept his apology but make sure it is accompanied by a plan to make it up to you.  It is important to be forgiving but it is equally important to make sure your husband realizes that these dates mean a lot to you and that you expect him to remember and celebrate with you.

If you know your husband forgets important dates easily, you have a choice.  You can worry he will forget and then stew when he does or you can remind him of the upcoming important dates.  Tell him what you would like to have.  Ask him if he would like to make plans to go out and celebrate the date together.  You won’t feel forgotten and he won’t feel terrible about it which is a win-win situation.

There is another little trick you can follow when it comes to a situation when a husband forgets an important date.  Sweetly tell your husband ahead of time that if he forgets the dates that are near and dear to your heart, you will happily shop for yourself for him, but it will cost him double what it would have if he did it.  More than likely, the occasions when your husband forgets important dates will end there but if they don’t, stick to your word.

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