How You Can Add Time to the Clock

Everyone wants to have a few extra hours in the day to get things done, unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen any time soon. For those who need a little extra time, there are ways to beat the clock. If you follow these tips, you’ll find it easier to get things done and save yourself a great deal of time in the process. Try these things to make it seem like you have extra time every single day.

Put a pen in every drawer and every handbag you own. This will save you countless minutes of searching for one when you need to write something down.

Buy movie tickets online. You spend a lot of time in line at the movies, which means you have to leave home earlier, which means you spend more time doing something you could do in less than two minutes at home.

Store all of your receipts together and schedule a block of time at the end of the week to write everything down in your checkbook to save you from digging out your checkbook, looking for receipts, and finding the calculator every time you come home.

Print out your boarding passes at home. You’ll save as much as half an hour if you print your boarding passes at home rather than waiting to do it at the airport, where you’ll end up in line with a dozen other people all trying to print theirs out at the same time.

Use your Bluetooth headset so you can multitask. You can clean dishes, talk on the phone, pick up the playroom, write checks to pay your bills, and make dinner at the same time if you wear this great little device.

Upload pictures to an online photo site and order them straight from there. It saves you time in line at the local store trying to have your pictures printed.


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