How to Think Like A Wealthy Person to Become A Wealthy Person

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My husband and I have an amazing group of lifelong friends. We are the same age, our kids are the same age, and we have the same career-mindedness, education and the same desire to live a comfortable life. We’ve done well for ourselves, and we enjoy the fruits of our labor; and while we are all comfortable, one of the couples in our little group is more than just comfortable. They are bonafide millionaires with the most successful businesses. They are good at what they do; they are intelligent, smart and they work very hard for all that they’ve accomplished. Additionally, they also have a very different outlook on life. Their thoughts, as millionaires, are not what you might expect, and if you take a moment to look it up, you’ll find that they are not the only exceptionally wealthy people in the world that think a bit differently than the rest of us. Perhaps it’s our mindset and our thoughts that are not in line with our goals; because we think differently. Here’s how millionaires think about money.

Work is an inspiration

Most of the world works to makes ends meet, and they are uninspired. The exceptionally wealthy take what they love to do and they do it in a way that works for them. They are inspired by something that they’ve been able to build and work and adjust and make successful. They do not view their work as work; they view it as their inspiration.

They’re self-sufficient

Most of the wealthiest people in the world know that they have to care for themselves. They are not looking for someone else to care for them, or to care for someone else. They are looking to do things their way to care for their own lives. No handouts, no ‘maybe I’ll just win the lottery.’ They look for ways to actually make money, and then they do it.

Social status is not all that important

Sure, some exceptionally wealthy people love to drive expensive cars and have the top-of-the-line everything. And yes, our friends have that; but they always buy things used. They look for deals, negotiate, and they pay cash. They don’t finance, and they don’t buy things for social status. They buy an Escalade, but it’s to drive for the next six or seven years. They buy a boat, and it’s to take their kids out for fishing and fun. They buy things that they actually enjoy; not so that they can show off.

They live within their means

Just because someone has money doesn’t mean they want to waste it. They do not live above their means and they do not buy things that they don’t want just because they can afford it; it’s a great way to do life.

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