How to Tell if a Friend is Toxic

If you find yourself not enjoying the time you spend with a friend as much as you used to, you might wonder what will become of your friendship. Additionally, if you find that you are feeling extra competitive or extra down about yourself after spending time with a specific friend, you might wonder what’s going on. The answer is simple; you might be spending time with a toxic friends. Toxic friends are those who don’t build you up or bring anything good to your life, and when you find one – you need to let her go.

Is It Toxic?

How do you know if you are spending time with a toxic friend? Easy – consider how you feel when you are with her and immediately after you spend time with her. Do you feel good, happy and carefree when you’re with her? Are you proud of her accomplishments and do you love hearing about all the goodness in her life as much as she loves hearing about it in yours? If so, you’re good friends. Otherwise, you’re not. If she makes you feel anything but good about yourself, she’s toxic.

Your Friend and Your Family

When it comes to life, family is what’s important. Of course, friends are just as important, so what are you to do when your friendship is taking a toll on your family. What I mean is this; if you spend time with a friend who makes you miserable and then come home and take out the fact that you wish you were richer or prettier or more fun on your husband and kids because she’s all of those things and you want to be like her – the friendship is toxic. Don’t sacrifice your family for a friend that doesn’t make you feel good.

When To Let Go

If you’re concerned about a friendship but you don’t want to let your friend go, give her another chance. You can try talking to her about how you feel and see if she helps make things better. However, if that doesn’t work then you will need to stop spending time with her or you’ll never feel good about your own life again.


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