How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Mother-In-Law

Your mother-in-law: She might be someone you adore (much like myself) or she might be someone you wish you never had to see or talk to ever again (thankfully not like myself). Either way, the woman is a part of your life as long as you are married to her son. I’m not really sure why so many women want to make the most important man in their life lead such a complicated existence between his to favorite women, but they do. Make your husband’s life a little easier by improving your relationship with his mom.

Change Your Attitude

It isn’t easy to stop disliking someone you feel makes your life miserable but you need to. Make it a habit to replace all of your negative thoughts about her with a positive thought and it won’t be long before you wonder why you dislike her so much.

Thank Her

Remember, without her you wouldn’t be married to the man you are married to. Your husband is a result of your mother-in-law, so say thanks to her for having him. Write her a thank you card telling her how appreciative you are that she had him, that she raised him to be such a wonderful guy, or that without her your life wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful as it currently is because you wouldn’t have this great guy.

Make an Effort

Invite her over for tea. Ask her to dinner or lunch. Have her go shopping with you and your kids. Invite her over to play with the kids on an occasion that isn’t a birthday or special occasion. Invite her to the next party you throw at home and introduce her to your friends and show her that you’re just as awesome as her son, which will have her loving you in no time at all.


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