How to Become More Confident

Everyone knows confidence is an attractive trait. We all know the woman who would look good walking into a room wearing nothing but a plastic bag and no makeup. Sure, she may be gorgeous, but without confidence she isn’t anything. Confidence is awesome, and confidence is powerful. If you struggle with confidence, take a few lessons from those who know a thing or two about being confident. You don’t actually have to be confident to appear confident to others, and practice will make you feel more confident.

Eye Contact

Not making eye contact with the people you are talking to makes you appear weak. It’s a sign of no confidence. From now on, make eye contact with everyone you’re speaking to, only breaking contact when they break it first to appear confident.

Get Rid of Your Nervous Tics

Stop twirling your hair or swinging your legs if you want to look more confident when you are in conversation with others. Your nervous ticks make you appear uneasy in the conversation. They make you appear like a person who is not confident in her own abilities, brains, and power.

Desensitize Yourself to Failure

Personally, I’ve never understood why people feel so strongly about failure. It can turn them into a wreck. Sure, failure isn’t fun, but it’s a great learning experience, and it means you’re one step closer to succeeding. Every failed attempt at something is a teaching moment for the rest of your life. Stop allowing yourself to be so concerned with failure and start being more concerned with learning. Failure won’t bother you so much and you’ll feel much more confident.

Stand Taller

Everyone instantly appears taller, more attractive, and more powerful when they stand tall and practice good posture. Start doing it now to appear more confident. Before you know it, it will become a habit and you will be much more confident.


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