How To Beat the Heat This Summer

It’s hot. The entire country is going through a heat wave that has everyone sweating and miserable, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Summer is here, global warming is hotter than ever (pun intended) and we are left with the choice to sit at home and turn on our hvac system, or get out and enjoy life despite the heat. Since we are not all about being bored or boring, we suggest getting out. However, if the temperature is too hot outside, it is best to stay at home and open your air conditioning unit. Here are a few ways you can beat the heat this summer while still enjoying yourself.

Deep Freeze Your Panties

All right, so this sounds a little strange, but it really works. About an hour before you leave just toss your panties into the freezer for a cool treat that will have you feeling great while you’re out in the hot, hot sun. While everyone else is suffering, you’ll be enjoying yourself in secret.

Go on a Cool Date

Ice bars are everywhere, and what’s better than sipping a vodka martini in a place that keeps the temp at 9 degrees? You’ll be able to snuggle with your significant other and stay cool, all while sipping a decadent drink. Doesn’t sound like it gets much better than this, to me.

Be Productive

Instead of whining about the heat and sitting around all day long, head outside and get some work done. Wash your car. You’ll be able to keep cool in the spray of the water hose and get your ride sparkling in no time at all.

Fake a Luxe Vacay

Grab a kiddie pool, fill it with cool water, make a cocktail, stick an umbrella in said cocktail, don your hottest swimsuit and head outside. Put your feet in the water while you read a magazine or awesome book, sip your cocktail, and pretend you are at a five star resort in the Caribbean.


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