How to Be Just a Little More Awesome

Every woman wants to be just a little more awesome. Even if you are already pretty cool, there’s always a way you can be a little cooler. From being the center of attention without being an attention whore to being the person your friends flock to because you always have something interesting to say or discuss, you can use a little boost to your awesome. Here are a few easy ways to up your cool factor and continue being the hottest chick in the room.

Build Your Buzz

If you want people to think you are the coolest person in the room, you need to add a little mystery to your life. That means stop with the constant status updates, don’t answer every text or email with rapid fire finger movement, and decline a few party invitations from time to time.

Kick Your Fear to the Curb

It’s okay to have fears, but the more you avoid them the more fearful you become. Hate going places where there are a lot of people milling around? Stop avoiding social situations and start off small. You will be scared, but eventually you will learn that your fear is unfounded and you will get the best of it, and not let it get the best of you. How awesome will you be when you conquer your fears?

Stop the Up-Talking

You know you do it. When you’re talking to someone you think you sound friendly, but in fact, you should unsure when you end your sentences on a higher note. It makes them come out sounding like a question, which makes it difficult for people to take you seriously. “So I went to a club last night?” That’s not a question. Speak with authority and everyone will think you are far more awesome than the girl who poses every sentence like it’s a question.

Own Your Mistakes

Everyone makes them, so no one should be embarrassed by them. The people who are judging you for your mistakes have made plenty of their own, so simply own yours, ignore the hype, and move on. How awesome are you?


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