How to be a Lady

There are plenty of things that scare my husband and me about raising two daughters. However, one thing stands out to us more than others; that is raising two little girls who turn into ladies. Every time I’m on the computer or out in public I see women my age, older, and younger who are simply not behaving, dressing, and acting like ladies and I will be appalled if my girls do not know better. I want them to know that they can still be stylish and fun while still being proper ladies, and that’s exactly how we are raising them. Too many women do not act like ladies, and it is hurting their social life, their reputation, and maybe even their careers.

Behaving Like a Lady

Behaving like a lady is easy. A smile is your best accessory, and it’s a great personality trait. Always say please and thank you, don’t fish for compliments, and don’t speak ill of others without their knowledge. Additionally, it’s not very ladylike to complain. Ladies do not complain about what’s wrong in their lives, they fix it.

Dressing Like a Lady

You can still dress stylishly and fashionably and be a lady. The trick is to think classic and minimal. If you plan on wearing a tight dress, make sure it’s knee-length. Think Jackie O. in a great form-fitting dress, high heels, and a proper hemline. If you are going to show a lot of leg, wear a shift dress with sleeves and a high neckline. If you want to wear something low-cut, make sure it’s long and has sleeves. The trick is to show off one body part at a time. Make sure you clothes fit, that they are proper attire for the place you are, and that you are comfortable. You can make anything look gorgeous without showing off too much if you have the confidence to do it.

Living Like a Lady

Ladies do not yell and scream at people. They don’t use inappropriate language every time they open their mouths. They aren’t perfect, and they’re not always nice, but they’re not inappropriate either. A lady knows how to make things happen and get things done without causing a scene and behaving inappropriately. She knows how to live, how to have fun, how to be the life of the party, and how to still be classy and elegant without ruining her reputation or her confidence level.


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