Steps to Avoid Wedding Planning Financial Pitfalls


Few things in life will cost you as much to purchase and plan as your wedding. Trust me, I did that 11 years ago this coming May. It was an expensive day. Fortunately, I was very careful in all my planning and was not subject to any of the financial pitfalls that so often occur when couples get married, and that was something of a relief for us. The biggest disaster on our wedding day was the fact that the flowers for the bridal party were nothing like the photo I provided my florist with for reference. I was upset, but it wasn’t a big deal.

Unfortunately, there are so many more wedding day scams out there costing brides and grooms hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. Because we are huge fans of saving money rather than wasting it or seeing it scammed from your carefully planned budget, we thought we might help you steer clear of some of the most common wedding day scams. Your wedding and your wallet will thank us.

Fine Print Problems

Listen, if you don’t read the fine print before you sign a contract and you end up paying a lot more than you thought you’d pay, that’s your own fault. You have to read the fine print every single time you sign anything! I don’t know why we have to say that so often. However, we will remind you that you should do this with wedding contracts, too. You don’t want to end up paying thousands more than necessary because you stayed 2 minutes past the time in your contract and end up paying for an entire additional hour. So, when booking a reception venue, make sure that all the details are clear.

Online Dress Sales

Listen, as much as I love designer fashion and style and saving money on both, you will not find me ordering a wedding dress online for a deeply discounted price without ever seeing it. It’s a bad idea, and many times these gorgeous ‘designer’ gowns are knock-offs that don’t even look remotely like the real thing when they arrive. Sadly, most of the time you’ve already paid and it’s too late to get your money back from the buyer who is long gone without a trace.

Online Ring Sales

There is nothing wrong with ordering your ring online, but beware of where you purchase it. Many reputable sites offer great deals on beautiful diamonds, but others are scams. If you are going to purchase a ring online, make sure it is one from a reputable designer who will provide you with precisely what it is you have ordered.


Sadly, you cannot trust everyone in the world. Even more upsetting is the fact that you cannot always trust the people you think you can trust more than anyone else in the world. A dear friend of mine once attended a wedding in which the tip jar on the bar was stolen by a guest, and I once saw a social media post from an acquaintance whose card box was taken and all the cash removed from it. It’s in your best interest to ensure that your gifts are properly managed and cared for and that you can account for them at all times. It’s unfortunate, but it’s necessary.

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