How To Prevent Facebook From Ruining Your Wedding

Facebook: The social networking site that turns intelligent adults into insecure adolescents on a regular basis. What’s not to love about the site that allows people who haven’t seen the inside of a high school in decades to behave like a high school student all over again? Who has the most friends, who has the most likes, who has the most picture comments? It’s a popularity contest all over again, and people love it. However, Facebook can actually ruin some pretty special moments in your life if you let it; particularly your wedding. Here’s how to ensure Facebook doesn’t ruin your big day.

Your Engagement is Facebook Official…

…and now your family members are mad at you. Okay, you cannot put your relationship status on display until you make a few phone calls. Of course it’s easier, but friends and family you are close to are definitely going to feel upset and unimportant if they hear the news online rather than straight from you. Make a few calls before you change your status.

So-Called Friends Make Snarky Comments

Ladies, be honest; what’s not to love about a 2.5 carat diamond with a one carat band? Nothing! However, as soon as you post pics of your ring you start to see the snarky comments from people who you thought were your friends. They are likely hidden in the, “Congratulations! Your ring is gorge! You’re so brave to wear something that big since people will probably all think it’s fake!” Take a few minutes to hide these people from your newsfeed and you’ll feel a little better.

People Get Upset

It’s not uncommon for Facebook friends to assume they’ll get an invite to your wedding because you talk a lot online. Just because you have k ids the same age and comment on each other’s statuses a lot regarding children’s clothing sales or activities does not make you real life buddies. These are the kind of people who may make a comment about looking for their invitation or how excited they are to share your big day with you; ward them off politely by telling them that as much as you’d like to invite them, you only have room for so many guests in your venue and immediate family comes first.


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