How He Judges A Future With You

If you’re dating a guy and you want to know if things will ever get more serious, you need to understand that he’s testing you, and if you don’t pass, it won’t go anywhere. Call it a game, call it life; whatever it is, it’s a guys way of seeing how well you fit into his future. Think about it, you do the same to him. You test him on how well he plays with your nieces and nephews to see if he’d make a good dad one day, you look at how he treats his mom to see if he’ll be respectful to you. These things are his way of making sure you are good future material.

Forget the World

Here’s how it happens. He invites you over to his house on Friday night and asks you to spend the weekend. He wants to know what life with you will be like in the future. If you are uncomfortable and awkward, it won’t bode well for you. However, if you are fine hanging out in his tee shirt, with no makeup, helping him cook dinner, having a good time, laughing and having fun, he’s going to want to know you’ll make a great wife one day.

You Laugh At Yourself

We all do embarrassing things from time to time, but how you handle it is something he notices. If you slip and fall in your new heels – five seconds after the made fun of you for wearing something that will obviously kill you one day – and you laugh at yourself, he’s going to love it. If you cry and act embarrassed and ashamed and tell him you’d understand if he never wants to see you again, he’s going to know you’re insecure and run for the hills.

When You Fight

Trust me, he wants to know how you fight. It’s not something fun, but he doesn’t want to end up with someone who doesn’t fight fair. Do you call names, throw out things from the past, sulk, seethe, cry, run away, ignore him? Or do you tell him exactly what’s up, give him a chance to explain, and fight fair? He’s judging this moment.

How You Handle Ex Stories

He has a past; everyone does. How you handle hearing about his is a big deal for him. Do you glare at him and make rude comments about what a crazy person she obviously was, or do you take it all in stride? How you handle it tells him how insecure or how confident you really are.


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