10 Home Trends We Wish Would Stay in the Past


Once considered the most chic in home decor, a few trends have become outdated and passé. It’s time to bid farewell to these trends, whether they adorned the walls and rooms of your childhood home or were popularized on Pinterest back in 2010. Look at these 10 home decor trends that we hope will fade into obscurity, although they still evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Animal Prints

The Crown Prints/Facebook

In the past, animal prints were seen as a symbol of luxury and exotic extravagance. Today, they exude a sense of tasteless gaudiness. They have the potential to overpower a space, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a failed safari rather than an elegant and fashionable escape.

Carpeted Bathrooms

Floor Pros: Tile and Stone/Facebook

Carpets in bathrooms are highly unhygienic and challenging to keep clean. They are particularly susceptible to moisture damage, making them a design disaster that should be avoided at all costs.

Open-Floor-Plan Living

Image Custom Homes Inc/Facebook

Open floor plans were once marketed as providing a communal and open living experience. Still, they frequently led to issues such as noise, clutter, and a lack of privacy. This became even more evident during the pandemic, emphasizing the need for distinct and functional spaces within homes.

Tile Countertops

Tile & Stone Works/Facebook

Many find that tile countertops are not the most practical option due to their grout lines and uneven surfaces, making maintenance challenging. This is why most contemporary homeowners lean towards smooth, seamless surfaces that are effortless to clean

Tiffany Lamps


Tiffany lamps, with their stained-glass shades, belong more in museums than in modern homes. Their intricate designs can feel overly ornate and out of touch with contemporary aesthetics.

Word Art


At the outset, the inspirational quotes and witty sayings adorning the walls possessed an endearing quality. However, their charm gradually waned as they transformed from novel to trite and overused.

Linoleum Flooring

Mario & Son Tile & Linoleum Co Inc/Facebook

Once popular for their affordability, Linoleum floors often feel cheap and outdated today. Modern homeowners prefer more durable and aesthetically pleasing options like hardwood or tile.

Edison Bulbs

William J. Hammer/Wikimedia

These exposed filaments were the pinnacle of industrial chic, exuding an air of timeless sophistication. However, their appeal has been overshadowed by their overuse and harsh light, rendering them a cliché in today’s design landscape.

Tuscan Kitchens

Alex Barrow/Wikimedia

These kitchens often feature prominent heavy wood and wrought iron details, which can create a dark and outdated ambiance. In contrast, contemporary kitchens embrace lighter and more streamlined aesthetics.

Popcorn Ceiling

Enoch Leung/Wikimedia

Popcorn ceilings were a mid-century solution to hide imperfections, but they’ve become synonymous with outdated interiors. They’re difficult to clean and can even pose health risks due to asbestos.


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