Is Hiring a Ticket Clinic Rep Worth the Fee?


The Ticket Clinic is something many people have heard of, and many people have used. The Ticket Clinic is essentially a group of lawyers across all 50 states that work to help those who have been given tickets while driving and don’t want to ruin their driving record. The company boasts a 97% success rate at winning their cases and helping their clients get off, and they do it all without any points ending up on the licenses of their clients. The company boasts more than 25 years in the business and more than 1 million cases in that time frame. So, now that you know what the Ticket Clinic really is, can they help you? Here’s what you need to know before you call.

Is it Worth It?

Most people don’t bother with traffic court because they assume it’s the best course of action to simply pay their ticket and move on. However, paying that ticket can have a negative effect on your driving record, and you might not even know it. It can make your insurance rates go up, your driving record look bad and so many other things. Traffic court is not a good thing; and according to attorneys at the Traffic Clinic, you should call them first.

Not A Big Deal

There are a number of municipalities that are financially strapped, and their solution to this issue is to raise traffic fees and issue more tickets. More often than not, according to traffic experts, people are issued tickets for minor infractions not worth a ticket simply because money is needed to fund the city or town government. Ticket Clinic lawyers are not satisfied with that, and work hard to ensure that you do not have to pay tickets that are not worthy of a fine.

You Might Not Win

According to, most people are guilty of speeding or other traffic violations, and their attorney is well aware of this. The point is to beat the system. If a lawyer steps up to the plate and decides to file an appeal and take the ticket to court, chances are good that that the ticket will be dropped because the officer who issued the ticket doesn’t show up to court. If he does, and you agree to pay the fine in court, you will not see the fine on your record because it’s not recorded at that point. Either way, you don’t have issues with your point system, and your insurance company doesn’t find out about it – which means even paying the ticket makes you a winner.

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