Help In Learning To Accept A Compliment

Do you know that most women are terrible at accepting a compliment?  This isn’t true for all women, of course.  But think about it.  What do most of us do when we receive a compliment?  We deflect it.  We refuse it.  We wave it away.  Rarely ever do we just smile and say thank you.  We really need to work on this ladies.  Let me tell you why.

It turns out that most women have become so down in their thoughts of self that they cannot easily take a compliment.  If someone tells them their hair looks nice, she might answer that she used too much hairspray or that it is only because they used new shampoo.  If someone tells a woman that she has beautiful eyes, she may answer that it is only her eye makeup that makes that seem so.

When you answer a compliment in that way, you are essentially rejecting the compliment- and the gift- that has been given to you.  It sounds as if you are questioning the judgment of the person who gave the compliment, which is not kind.

Another reason you should learn to simply say thank you and go on is that if you continuously reject a compliment, the person giving them to you may stop giving them.  After all, they may think that you don’t believe them when they give you a compliment anyways so what is the point?

Practice learning to accept a compliment.  When you receive a compliment, simply smile and say thank you.  It may feel awkward to you at first but you will adjust after practicing this for a bit.  You will find that people appreciate this response much more than rejecting their compliment.

For more help in learning to accept a compliment, you may find this article on this subject by The Telegraph interesting.

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