Heartbreak: Tips for Dealing With it and Moving On

Heartbreak is a fact of life for many people. It can happen in a number of ways. While many people associate heartbreak with the end of a relationship, heartbreak can happen in other situations. It can happen when a family pet is gone, when a family member is gone, when a big move occurs or when a dream is dashed. Heartbreak depends on the person suffering; it’s all in the mind and all in the heart of the sufferer. No matter how much your heart hurts, you can work through your issues.

Cut Out Contact

This is a good piece of advice for anyone suffering heartbreak at the hands of an ended relationship. Goodbye pictures, memories and social media friendships. To get over this heartbreak, you need to end all contact whatsoever. You don’t want to find yourself texting him or her in the middle of the night or crying over photos of him or her with a new person, wondering if it’s just a friend or something more. It’s part of the grieving process; and it will speed things up.

Cry it Out

There is nothing wrong with crying. Whether it’s over a man, a woman, a dog or a job; cry until you can’t cry anymore. Sometimes one of the easiest ways to feel better about any heartbreak or situation is with a fresh outlook. I like to think crying provides you with that fresh outlook. It clears your mind, heart and soul and provides you with clearer vision.

Find Something New

Distracting yourself with a new hobby is a good idea when suffering from heartbreak. When you’re busy, you haven’t the time to dwell. Additionally, if you really begin to fall in love with your new hobby, you’ll find yourself feeling happy, enjoying life and moving on.


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