Healthy Wife Traits That Make for a Better Marriage

If there’s one thing that causing a bit of controversy in the world right now, it’s the newfound desire many women have to become a more Godly, more loving, more caring wife.  Many women scoff at the idea of putting their husband’s needs first and treating him like a “King,” because they view it as anti-feminist. I, for one, think that women are reading too much into this. Becoming a more Godly, better wife isn’t about bowing down to your husband and becoming his doormat; it’s about focusing more on how you treat him. After all, the better you treat him, the better he’s going to treat you.

Being a better wife means being a more supportive wife, treating your husband with respect and expecting the same treatment in return. There’s nothing submissive about putting his needs before you own – you do it for your children – and being less impatient, more loving and kinder toward him. After all, it does follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated. Here are three ways you can support your husband, be a better wife and live a little more happily ever after.


Many of us are guilty of thinking that we have our own stress, we’ve had our own hard day and we have our own concerns at the end of the day. Because of this, we don’t listen to what our husband has to say. I’ve noticed that while my husband is telling me about his day, I’m often thinking that if he only knew how difficult my day with two sick kids, a vomit-filled first trimester and the stress of working from home really is. At the same time, when I’m telling him about m y day – he actually listens. So why not be a better wife and do the same?

Maintain Your Temper

Don’t fly off the handle the next time your husband does something annoying. Instead, calm down, stay relaxed and bring it up in a calm manner. The more you practice this, the fewer arguments you will have and the more you will resolve. You’ll probably find that your husband starts doing things correctly from that point on.

Think of Him

Be romantic. Think of him by doing something kind for him every day. Put a love note in his briefcase. Call ahead and order lunch for him to be delivered to his office. Cook his favorite dinner – or if you’re like me (a miserable cook) order something he loves so he doesn’t have to come home and cook. Tell him that you want to put him first and be a better wife. Guess what? The second you do that is the second he’s going to lavish you with praise on what a great wife you already are, decide he’s going to be a better husband and your relationship is going to get better.


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