Handling Little Situations Life Throws Your Way

Ever found yourself in a situation standing in line waiting patiently (or not) to have your turn so that you can get on your merry way when someone so rudely cuts in front of you like they didn’t even notice you there? I have; and it’s annoying. Have you ever loaned someone money (don’t do it…I always learn the hard way) only to find out they have no intention of paying you back? If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation like this, you might wonder how to handle it. Fortunately, there are ways you can gracefully maneuver life’s little annoyances.

Line Skippers

In elementary school you might have tattled to the teacher (or just kicked the kid in the shins) when little Johnny cuts in front of you in line. In real life, however, there’s no one to tell and the law frowns upon physically abusing the morons of the world. Instead, the next time someone ungraciously decides you look like a doormat, tap them on the shoulder and kill them with kindness. One good suggestion is to smile sweetly and ask the culprit how you can help make his day a little better since he’s obviously in such a hurry that he’s willing to cut in line. Let their embarrassment take over.

Loaning Money to a Friend

So you helped out your friend when she had an emergency and couldn’t pay her mortgage and she hasn’t paid you back. However, she did invite you to an uber-expensive dinner at a great restaurant, so obviously her bank account is looking a little better. Skip the awkward, “So, when do you plan on paying me back,” conversation and simply push your check in her direction at the end of the meal and say, “I guess dinner’s on you since I bailed you out last month with your mortgage and things are looking better.” It may feel uncomfortable, but she does owe you.

You Mess Up Your Manicure

I hate when I get my nails done and manage to mangle the hard work my manicurist put into my nails within 2 seconds of being finished; it causes quite the situation. Experts recommend simply asking her to quickly fix the mess up as it’s much easier to do on a fresh nail. She can usually help you out in a matter of seconds, and she probably won’t even mind.


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