Handling Anger with Grace and Elegance

Everyone experiences a moment of anger from time to time. Perhaps some people experience more than a moment of anger. There’s always something that upsets us, causes anger and sometimes lasts longer than a few moments or a day or two. Anger is a natural emotion that you shouldn’t try to ignore or make go away. However, as natural as anger might be, there are a few things you have to remember about this emotion.

Never Make Angry Decisions

Perhaps your friend made you so angry you want to send her an email telling her exactly how you feel. Don’t do it. Do not ever, ever, ever make a decision when you are angry. Why? Because tomorrow, when your anger subsides, you are not going to think that your decision was a very good one. Angry decisions are usually the worst decisions.

Sleep On It

Never do, say or act when you are angry. Instead, sleep on it. I know it’s hard to hold it in when someone has done something so upsetting, but sometimes a little clarity puts things into perspective. Instead of reacting to your anger, wait until the following morning and reevaluate your feelings. I’m willing to bet that at this point, you’ve come up with a much more appropriate reaction.

Remember That Anger is Temporary

Perhaps the most important thing you can remember about anger is that it is not a permanent situation. When you make decisions out of anger, those can be permanent. However, your angry feelings will subside and you are stuck with the consequences of your decision making for years to come. For this reason, it is best to never make decisions when you are angry, to sleep on it, and to remember that by this time tomorrow or next week or even next year, you won’t care anymore.


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