Great Christmas Gifts for You and Everyone on Your List

Don’t know what to add to your Christmas list this year? That’s not uncommon. As adults, my husband and I have realized that when we want something, we simply buy it. We aren’t kids who can’t afford to and therefore have to add it to our list of things we want for the holidays, which makes gift giving a bit challenging. However, when it comes to thinking about what you want for the holidays, consider asking for something that might change your life or giving a gift that might change someone’s life, like these people did.

Wine Backpack

This is the perfect gift for the wine lover. It may not seem like something they’d ask for, but they will love it. Here they can pack a picnic lunch, several bottles of wine, glasses and all the works. It’s the perfect gift for someone because it practically begs them to add a little adventure and romance to their lives. Now that they have a wine backpack, they have to use it!

A Crazy Adventure

Take the person you love the most on a crazy adventure. Go skydiving. Gift them a day at the spa after a day on the ropes going ziplining. Book a trip somewhere they’d never go in their lives. These are the kinds of gifts that people can’t say no to, which opens up a whole new world of adventure to them that they wouldn’t ordinarily open themselves up to.

What to Ask For

Asking for something is a bit much for some. Instead of asking for something materialistic from others, ask for something meaningful. Ask your friends to give you the gift of joining you for a day volunteering at your favorite charity or doing something to give back to the world. This will also open up a completely new way of living for you, bring you closer, and make the world a little bit better.


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