Graduation Gift Ideas for High School Seniors


With high school graduation time upon us once again, it begs the question, “What do grads really want or need?” High school graduates have finished school and many are moving on to college, work and lives of their own. Some will stay home with mom and dad while in school and others will move into their first dorms and/or apartments. So, what do you get the grad that is just starting out in the real world?


Cold, hard cash is always a great gift idea. Since many grads will receive cars or trips from their parents as graduation gifts, cash is always helpful. It can go toward their savings, their new vehicle insurance, spending money on their summer abroad or even books or tuition in school next year. How your favorite grad chooses to use the cash you provide is really up to them, but it is a favorite gift. A good rule of thumb for a high school senior is to start at $100 and work your way up for those with whom you are a little closer.


It’s an expensive gift, but it’s necessary. High school grads will need all the electronic help they can get when they begin their college careers. An iPad will help with notes in class, homework and plenty of other things. Just make sure the grad you’re buying for doesn’t already have one.


It doesn’t seem like a great gift idea, but most high school grads don’t have a nice set of luggage. This is the luggage they’ll use to move to school, to come home for long weekends and holidays and eventually to take with them on business trips and other adventures. A nice set of luggage is always useful and great to have.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

This gift is more practical than anything else, but if you have a grad going off to school, it’s great. Noise-cancelling headphones will make studying for college exams much easier in noisy dorms, in Starbucks and even at home if your grad has noisy roommates.

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