You Can Get Out The Door Quickly When You Oversleep

It is easy to go into panic mode when you wake up and discover that you overslept.  But there is no need to panic; you can get out the door quickly when you oversleep.  The key is to go into the mode of doing what needs to be done instead of panicking which makes you mess up, have to redo things and actually takes longer in the long run.

The first thing you need to do if you oversleep is to prioritize.  What has to be done before you can get out of the door?  This is not the day to choose an outfit that must be ironed or try a hairstyle that is new.

When you oversleep, grab a go to outfit.  Everyone should have a go to outfit but if you don’t, you need one.  A go to outfit is an outfit that just works well for you.  You don’t need to try it on to know it looks good together.  You can grab it and wear it off of the hanger.  When you oversleep, this kind of outfit can be very helpful to have on hand.

It is wise to not fight your hair on days when you oversleep.  Embrace your natural texture and go with the style that is easiest for your hair to achieve when you oversleep.  If you have naturally wavy hair, this is not the time to straighten it or vice versa if you have naturally straight hair.

Go minimal with your makeup.  Most of us can achieve a made up look with much less makeup then we normally wear.  A bit of liner, mascara and lip gloss can get you out the door when you are in a hurry.

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