Get What You Want With These Simple Tactics

Are you the kind of woman who always seems to get what she wants or are you the kind of woman who always sits back and watches with envy while other women always seem to get what they want? You’d much rather be the former, I’m certain. If you never seem to get your way, no matter how hard you feel that you are working, perhaps you aren’t doing something right. The truth is, you can have anything you want and you can get your way anytime you want if you simply know what to say.

Give a Reason

A study performed in the 1970s states that no matter what reason you give, giving a reason is the best way to get what you want. In the study, one man asked the people in front of him at a copy machine if he could just cut to the front of the line. His reason; he needed to make a copy. Guess what? They all let him skip to the head of the line, despite the fact that needing to make a copy was the exact reason they were all in line. A reason helps; I assure you.

Go Big or Go Home

Say you want that big, new office that just opened up on your floor and you know that there’s a freeze on raises at the moment. Instead of asking your boss for the office, point out all the good things you’ve been doing, how busy you are, and how much you do for the company. Then ask for a raise. He’s going to tell you no. When he does, say something like, “Well, if I can’t have a raise, can I have that office that just opened up two doors down?” Chances are, he’s going to let you have what you want.

Use Touch

Touch is a great way to get what you want. Research shows that if you lay a hand on someone’s arm when you’re asking them for something, they’re more likely to give it to you because they feel a closer connection with you.


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