Get Rid Of A Bad Attitude Before It Ruins Your Day

It happens to all of us.  We wake up with stress already on our minds.  We have a bad attitude before our day even begins.  Maybe we are worried about a problem in the workplace, dealing with financial stress or a problem our child is encountering at school.  It doesn’t really matter what is causing you to have a bad attitude; what matters is that you get rid of it before it ruins your day.

One way to make sure your bad attitude doesn’t poison your whole day is to remind yourself that the day is young.  You can choose to have a great day or a bad day.  Remind yourself that your day holds that choice for you and you can choose to make the right one.

Counting all of the things that you have to be grateful for can help to get your bad attitude in check.  Think about all of the things you are fortunate enough to have that others don’t.  You may have a beautiful home, bills that are paid, healthy and tasty food in your cabinets and people to share all of those blessings with.  Reflecting on that can help to put things into perspective.

Realize that a bad attitude can be contagious.  You don’t want to spill that bad attitude on anyone else and ruin their day or influence them to have a bad day of their own.  If you are unkind to your family, you will be left feeling guilty for the rest of the day in addition to having to apologize to the family members you may have offended in your sour state.  It is much better off to take a few minutes to think about your bad attitude and do what you need to do to get it in check before it ruins your day.

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