Gauging the Appropriate Social Media Behavior

Anyone who knows more than two people – or has any sort of social media account – has encountered a person they are sure is only 16-years-old only to find out that person is really a 30-year-old woman with children and a life. The realization is often shocking considering it takes a lot to make you assume a grown woman is a child; however, people’s behavior is a major indicator of age and many women are not acting their own age. Unfortunately, we can’t make everyone mature at the same rate, and we can’t make people grow up, but we can offer advice to those who are acting a little immature.

Remember when your mom told you to set a good example for your younger siblings and your teachers and bosses expected the same things? Well, that doesn’t change as you grow older. You still have to set a good example and act your age. That’s not to say you can’t still have fun, but there’s a time and a place for everything, and it’s time people start to realize that.

Married With Children

Ladies, when you are a married woman with kids of your own, it’s time to grow up. Yes, I said it: Grow up. You and your husband have kids, which means it’s time to make sure they are getting a good example of marriage. That means you spend time with your kids. You spend time together. Showing your kids what a good marriage looks like is the best way to ensure they grow up with a good outlook on love and relationships, which will help them to make wise decisions. Additionally, when you fight, fight fair. It’s not recommended that you refrain from fighting in front of your kids, because all that does is teach them that relationships mean keeping your opinion to yourself – hey, they know when you’re mad, even if you think they don’t. Instead, fight fair. Don’t yell, don’t call each other names and don’t belittle each other. Simply debate the issue and solve it with compromise. That’s a healthy message to send to your kids.

Unmarried With Children

Too many times we hear about women who act as if though they don’t have kids. They bring home men to meet their kids too soon. Your four-year-old shouldn’t already know four men you’ve dated, get what we’re saying? Instead, keep date nights to yourself. In fact, keep date nights to a minimum when your kids are with you. When they’re with dad, schedule as many as you want; however, since you’re probably sharing custody, don’t give them to the sitter when you hardly see them as it is.

Additionally, unmarried women (and men) with children should refrain from bashing their child’s other parent in front of the child. It doesn’t matter what he did to you and how much you hate them, he is your child’s father and you need to show respect for him in front of your kids. You wouldn’t want him badmouthing you to your kids, so have the same courtesy for him.


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