The Three Friends You Must Have In Your Life

A girl can never have too many friends but there are three friends you must have in your life, that every woman needs.  Any friend that you have is precious but

The Friend Who Makes You Laugh

Everyone needs a friend who makes them laugh.  This is one of the friends you must have, because having a friend to make you laugh is very valuable.  Life gets stressful at times and when you can turn to a friend like this, they can lighten the load for you and make the situations in your life a lot more lighthearted.

The Friend Who Is Up For Anything

A friend who is up for anything is one of the friends you must have because you can always count on them for whatever you want to do.  If you want to go skydiving or rock climbing, you know who to call.  If a cruise is sounding good to you, this is the friend to ask to go along.  They will never turn down an opportunity for fun.  When you need someone to go along on an adventure and keep you company, call the friend who is up for anything.

The Friend Who Gives Wise Counsel

A friend who gives wise counsel is perhaps the most valuable friend of all so put them at the top of the list of friends you must have.  You know that you can always turn to this friend for advice no matter what the situation is.  It doesn’t matter if you are having marital problems, problems with a coworker or your boss or even getting your baby to sleep through the night, this friend is the one you want to talk to because of their ability to analyze a situation clearly and look at it from an angle you cannot see.

These friends you must have will make your life richer for being in it.

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