Free Sonic Coloring Pages for a Creative and Fun Rainy Day Activity


Rainy days are a drag, especially when you have kids. Since it’s not an option to take the little ones out for a fun day at the park when the weather isn’t cooperating, you have to find activities that will keep them entertained, happy and prevent them from bouncing off the wall. That’s where coloring comes in handy. Not only does it help your children work on their in-the-lines skills, it promotes creativity and free thinking. The only issue is that so many coloring books are boring to kids because they’re everywhere. They have 10 of the same book, they’re all colored and they’re tired of coloring the same things over and over. If you have a little boy, now is the perfect time to introduce him to Sonic coloring pages. These downloadable coloring pages are found online, and they’re not even a little bit girly – a problem so many coloring books have these days.

Boy Appeal

Sonic is not one of the most popular cartoon characters at the moment, but he was big back in the day. Many of us grew up with his video games and his television show, and we remember it well. Today, our kids don’t know Sonic the Hedgehog quite like we do. However, now is the perfect time to make the introduction. He’s all male, and that’s something that will promote an interest in coloring for little boys. Sometimes coloring is viewed as a “girly” endeavor, and it leaves boys lacking in the artistic department. Sonic is for boys more so than girls, so it’s something that will appeal to your boys.


Another fantastic reason to choose Sonic coloring pages over others is the fact that they are more complex. This will keep your kids occupied a bit longer than other coloring pages, and it will also help with their coloring skills. It takes a lot more concentration to keep the colors between the lines, and it takes more imagination to choose the right colors for this character. He’s not a common character, so kids aren’t likely to color him exactly as he is typically seen.

Something Different

Sonic coloring pages are different. It’s not the same art everyone has hanging on their fridge, and it’s a great excuse for you to sit down with your little ones and relive a bit of your own childhood as you color and talk. Your bonding session might include talking a bit about your childhood, letting your little ones ask questions about when you were growing up, and it will remind you of simpler times and what’s really important to you and your family.

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