Free Admission, Coloring Pages and Other Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about Disney

Disney World

Walt Disney created the Walt Disney World Resort because he wanted to create a place that was magical for families, and he succeeded beyond what we’re sure were even his own wildest dreams. Disney is the biggest brand in the world (ever heard of Frozen?) and it’s one place that makes frequent visitors, first-time visitors, kids and adults feel the same sense of magic and wonder. Aside from creating free Disney coloring pages you can download and use at home, there are a bunch of things you didn’t know about Disney World. Read on to find out several fun facts about the brand you did not already know.

Disney Offers Free Online Activities

From Disney apps to free coloring pages you can download and print online, there are a number of things that Disney World offers to users and fans that most people are unaware of. You might know you can download games and apps on your phone, but did you know many of those are Disney apps? These Disney apps and coloring pages are great entertainment for kids, and they make it easy for you to entertain your little ones on a budget by not having to spend money on video games and coloring books.

No Moms Allowed

Have you ever noticed that the characters in Disney films almost never have a mother? That’s because Walt Disney himself lost his mother in 1938. While it’s not something that’s been confirmed, the rumor is that Disney blames himself for the death of his mother. His first movie, Snow White, was such a success that he bought his parents a beautiful home. Unfortunately, his mother was killed with the faulty heating system began releasing carbon monoxide into the home. For that reason, most of his characters either have no mother or lose her early in the movie.

Hidden Characters

The people who create the Disney films (the newer ones, anyway) like to do a little bit of trickery when they create their films. They like to hide characters from other Disney films and movies in new movies, and sometimes they’re spotted quickly. For example, if you watch The Little Mermaid, you will see that in the concern that King Triton holds at the beginning, some of the guests at the concert are Mickey, Donald Duck and even Goofy. There is a lot of this in a number of Disney films.

Disney is Two Stories

Now you did not know this, did you? Nope. That’s because Florida is not above sea level. So what the people of Disney did when building the park was create “underground” tunnels. Except they’re not underground; They’re actually ground level. The park creators just built the park on top of them and made it seem like they’re underground. You’re just walking on the second floor of Disney when you’re in the park. The characters hang out “underground” to change and prepare for their roles in their particular areas of the park.

The Park is Covered in Ashes

Believe it or not – and you may choose not to believe it simply because you want to go about your life feeling good about Disney World – the park actually allows people to spread their ashes over the park. That’s right; if someone dies and specifies they want their ashes spread while riding the Dumbo Ride or Space Mountain, the park will allow this to happen. Word on the street is that there is a special vacuum at the park that will vacuum up ashes of dead bodies so that they’re not floating around the park. Apparently they consider this a win-win for all involved.

Hotel Rooms are Like Jenga Pieces

If ever you’ve been to Disney, you know that the Contemporary and the Polynesian resorts sit right on the Disney property alongside the park. What you did not know, however, is that the frame of each building was constructed and left wide open and the rooms were built into boxes somewhere off site and slid into their respective places when it was time to construct the final portion of each building. Interesting, isn’t it?

Birthdays are Free

If you live in the State of Florida and you are planning a visit to the Disney parks on your birthday, you get in free of charge simply by showing your valid photo identification. It has to be on your birthday, however. You’ll also receive a free birthday pin and every single cast member that sees you at the park will stop to tell you Happy Birthday.

No Broken Characters

No matter how hard you try, you will not get a Disney cast member to break character. And let’s get this straight; they’re not employees. They are cast members. Every single cast member must know every single thing there is to know about his or her particular character and be able to recite those things from the top of their heads. They must know the names of their friends. They must speak in the same voice as the characters from the Disney movies, and they will never, ever treat you poorly, stop smiling or make you feel bad about yourself in the least. Disney wants to make you happy, and they’ll do whatever it takes to do just that. It’s why everyone is so perky on a regular basis.

The Rider Switch

The rider switch is something many people don’t know about the park. It’s like a free ride. For example, if you’re at the park with a child that’s too little to ride a roller coaster, you can go through the line and do something called the rider switch. Simply tell the cast member at the ride that you and your other adults want to ride but you have a small child. You will get to ride and then get a pass to give to your friends or family when you ride to allow them to get on next without having to wait in line while you simple exchange places with them to help the kids.

Photo by Mark Ashman/Disney via Getty Images


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