Four Words That Should Raise Suspicion

Here’s the deal; everyone has something less than truthful to say from time to time. You know you do. Whether you want to tell your boss a fib so you can cover up for a coworker you really like or you are making sure your husband doesn’t catch on to the fact that you’re making up stories so you can plan him the best 30th birthday surprise party in the history of humankind, we all tell lies. If you don’t want to get caught, or you want to know if someone else is lying to you, look for these words.


When someone says they left a place at a certain time rather than saying they went home at a certain time, it’s usually because something else happened that they aren’t telling you. It could mean that they left the restaurant at eight and got stuck in traffic or that they left the restaurant at eight and got stuck in a fight. The keyword here is left, and it should raise your suspicion.


Usually, people are guilty of saying the word never when the word no is just fine when they feel guilty. If you ask your man if he checked out a woman’s bottom as she walked by and he says, “Never,” rather than, “Nope,” he might have something to hide.


If someone places the word that in front of something else, they’re trying to distance themselves from it. For example, if your coworker makes a point to say, “That client,” they are trying to push themselves away from the client in an effort to look less guilty.

By The Way

People who have something to hide use this phrase as a way of making what they have to say next seem unimportant. If a liar is using this word, it’s probably because what comes next is the biggest thing he or she has to say.


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