Four Things to Stop Doing to Yourself Now

Everyone does things they shouldn’t. Sometimes I have that extra glass of wine, knowing that it’s a bad idea. Sometimes I wake up in a bad mood and take it out on the people around me. We all make mistakes and we all do things we shouldn’t. However, you can’t change your past so there is no reason to focus on it. You can, however, change your future. To do so, you need to stop doing these things to yourself right now.

Spending Time With Bad People

Stop spending time with people you feel you have to impress, who treat you poorly, who are not supportive, and who are not good people. You are too good for those people. I’ve let them go, you can, too. Trust me when I tell you that ditching people who are all wrong is a great feeling.

Stop Running from Your Problems

Face them. If you face your problems and get them out of the way right now, you won’t have to run from them tomorrow. How nice will it be to wake up in the morning with no problems to handle?

Stop Putting Yourself Last

Don’t feel bad about saying no to others. Don’t feel bad about eating the last piece of chocolate when you know your kids want it. Don’t feel bad about putting your needs first sometimes. If you are completely miserable, you are not doing anyone else any favors. Spend some time making yourself happy and you’ll be better able to make others happy.

Stop Holding Onto the Past

It’s the past for a reason. The person you used to be, the people once in your life, and the life you used to live are nowhere near as good as the life you could live if you let it go.


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