Four Things Everyone Should Know How to Do

I recently turned 29 and I just discovered the crock pot. That’s right, just about a month ago. Now, I’ll freely admit that my husband is the primary cook in our household. He learned from his parents, who are amazing cooks. He comes home from work and whips up something amazing, healthy, and decadent on a regular basis.

If I try to whip something up, the fire alarm goes off and we end up eating takeout. The discovery of the crock pot changed my life. It’s like baking, which I am exceptional at. Everything pretty much goes into one place and cooks. It’s changed our lives. However, that’s really not the point (but really, go buy a crock pot!). The point is that I’m 29-years-old and I don’t know how to cook. This fact got me to thinking that there are a lot of things people may not know how to do that they should know how to do.

Drive a Manual

Everyone should learn how to drive a stick. Why? Well, it’s my favorite way to drive, for one. However, it’s never good not to know all the ways to get yourself from point A to point B. What happens if your car won’t start one morning and your only option is your husband’s little sports car with the manual transmission? You need to learn to drive it, ladies.

Change a Tire

This I can do. That does not mean I’ve ever done it, but if I had to I could. Now, don’t get me wrong. If I have a flat, I call my roadside assistance company to have them change it, but if they couldn’t – and I exhausted every single person I know to no avail – I could do it myself.

Perform First Aid

You don’t have to be a doctor; you just have to know a little basic first aid so you can help your kids, or the guy at the supermarket who injures himself. You just need to know how to clean a wound and bandage it.


Martha Stewart you do not have to be. However, you should be able to sew a quick seam or button onto an article of clothing. Really, you should.


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