Four Solid Date Night Romance Ideas

When your honeymoon seems like it was a hundred years ago, the kids have overtaken your lives, and your day-to-day stresses make you crazy, you might begin to notice that romance is a thing of the past. This is true for many couples; but you need to find a way to create a little romance from time to time or you will find yourself unhappy in your marriage. Here are a few great ways to add a little romance on date night.

Start Over

Remember how much fun you had on your first date? Recreate it! Head to the spot you professed your love to one another for the first time, or the place where he proposed. Remembering your early years is a great way to reconnect and feel a little more romantic with one another.

Laugh Together

Laughing is one of the best ways to feel closer to someone. Book a night at your local comedy club and start off date night with a good laugh. You’ll remind yourself how much fun your husband is, and you’ll have an even better time once that spark of romance returns.

Stare Off In Space

When you put the kids to bed, grab a blanket and head into your back yard. Maybe light yourself a candle and grab a bottle of your favorite wine and a few glasses before you head outdoors. Lay down and watch the stars together, wrapped in your favorite blanket to keep warm, or cuddled together in the hot summer air.

Go Dancing

Few things bring you closer together and make you feel more romantic than dancing. Sign up for salsa lessons to add a little spice to your romance, or sign up for ballroom dancing lessons for a great deal of closeness and romance. Any dance class will bring you closer together.


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