Four Simple Truths to Remember

You are a smart person who knows exactly what you need to do in life to get ahead and to make a difference. However, you might find you are stuck in neutral and cannot figure out why. The reason is simple; there are a few things in life that are simple truths. They are so simple that even the smartest people forget them regularly. Remind yourself of these simple truths and you will find that you can do anything.

Action Makes the Difference

You can be the most intelligent person on the planet with the best education around, but if you don’t act on that, you won’t do anything. Intelligence and an education won’t get you anywhere in life if you don’t use them to get ahead.

Success and Happiness Are Not the Same Thing

People seem to think that being successful is what will make them happy. It’s not true. There are days when I think about my success and while it makes me smile, it doesn’t make me happy. What makes me happy is the time I get to spend with my kids and my husband, with our family and friends, and experiencing life. I love my success, but it’s not what defines my happiness.

Mistakes Are Not Always Bad

No one is successful and happy on the first try. Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s okay. Stop beating yourself up over your mistakes and start learning from them; that’s what they are for. Making mistakes is a learning process. You did it wrong this time, but now you know more about getting it right than you did before. Use that.

Emotional Decisions Are Rarely Good

When it comes time to making big decisions, take your time. Making them when you are emotional is a big mistake. Tomorrow you will probably be devastated about your choice. Give it a few days to let the emotions clear.


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