The Four Best Ways to Get Ready in A Rush and Still Look Amazing


Rushed is my middle name; and I know I’m not alone in that feeling. I know that most of us are rushed at least every so often, and I know that there’s not a lot we can do about it. For me, it’s the simple fact that I have four kids, and we are always rushed (we aren’t late, but we are rushed). It doesn’t seem to matter how much time we set aside to get ready to go anywhere, we are always rushed. Someone remembers they want a bottle of water in the car. Someone forgot their tablet in their bedroom. Someone had a messy diaper five seconds after being changed and now we’re changing said diaper once again.

We are always rushed, and we are always on the go. It’s all right since I make it a point to wake up a few hours before the kids every morning so that I have time to make sure I don’t look like I’ve been rushed all day long. Being rushed, having four kids, having a schedule that looks like ours is enough to make me feel overwhelmed and stressed pretty regularly, but I feel a lot less stressed and overwhelmed when I don’t look stressed and overwhelmed.

There are always times, though, when I am rushed getting ready for something. In my almost 33 years, I’ve learned a few things about getting ready at the drop of a hat, and it’s turned into something pretty beneficial to me. I thought I might share with my late sisters just how you can also get ready as quickly as possible so you look put together; because being rushed is one thing. Looking to everyone else as though you were rushed is another.

Find a simple hair style

At the moment, my hair is cut at an angled bob right at my shoulders. It’s my favorite cut of all time, but it’s a lot of work for me considering I have very curly hair (except the top layer, which is surprisingly straight). Needless to say, this causes a lot of bad hair days when I don’t take the time to blow it dry and straighten it each morning. When I have a day that doesn’t allow for that kind of time, I won’t wash it. I’ll throw some dry shampoo in it (I love Drybar), and I’ll spend five minutes with the curling iron creating loose waves. It’s a beachy, simple look that’s easy and far better than my natural hair.

When you have a go-to style that takes only a few moments, you know you can get ready in no time and still feel chic. A chic bun, a low pony, a headband, or a hair coloring treatment, whatever it is, you’ll feel put together even when you are not.

Stick to the basics in terms of makeup

I can do my makeup in five minutes flat when I stick to my concealer, a little contouring, some brush, mascara and red lipstick. I don’t worry about my eyes other than my brows and my lashes, and I don’t worry about all the extra stuff such as primer or foundation. I just do the basics and feel good about it. It’s the red lipstick that makes it all look minimalistic chic. Find some amazing red lipstick that works with your coloring, and make it work for you when you’re rushed.

Go basic with your clothes

I love to get dressed up and to look good, but there’s something so stressful about having no time to get dressed in the morning. My favorite go-to on a day I have no time is very basic. Dark skinny jeans with a white tee shirt, this amazing light blue Burberry silk scarf I’ve had for about a decade and a pair of nude Manolos with a classic handbag. It’s simple, it’s chic, and I can always grab a blazer on my way out the door if I need to dress it up. If it’s summer, I’m going to do a Lilly Pulizter dress and sandals. Simple, easy and always something I feel good in.

Think Timeless

The easiest way to get out the door and look good when you are rushed is to go with all timeless pieces. I like to think of life this way; I can match my bright pink handbag to my bright pink shoes to go with a simple outfit any day. I always, however, exchange that handbag out for my classic LV neverfull at the end of the day, though. Why? Because if I’m running late in the morning, that bag is already ready for me and I can grab it and go. It’s timeless, so I’m not stressed about carrying a bold pink bag with a red dress or something to that effect. Additionally, I always keep a pair of neutral color sunglasses in that bag (I have a colorful mirrored Ray Ban aviator obsession, so I match them to my outfit every day…again, I don’t want to have the pink ones in my bag when I’m rocking red or something). Just keep your classics on hand and you’ll be fine.

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