Forget the Fountain of Youth; Try These and Stay Young

As women we are notoriously concerned with our appearance, especially when it comes to aging. No one wants wrinkles and saggy skin and other body parts that look as old as their birthdates. You cannot stop yourself from aging, but the good news is that you can stop your body from looking aged. If you’re in the mood to stay young forever, try a few of these beauty tips.

Be Happy

It sounds pretty simple because it is pretty simple. The happier and more content you are with your life, the younger you look. When you’re happy you have fewer reasons to stress, which not only ages your body and affects your health, but causes wrinkles and other not so pretty side effects.

Wear Shades

So what if people think you are a high maintenance woman who thinks she’s too cool to take off her shades? When you’re all a few decades older, they’re going to be jealous they didn’t leave their shades on in the sun and protect the thinnest part of their skin – around the eye – from damaging rays. You’ll look great and they’ll look old.

Let Your Inner Child Out to Play

Sometimes being happy and staying young is as simple as taking a few seconds to look at life from the eyes of a child. Make it a point to occasionally look at life from the perspective of someone decades younger than you and take it all in stride. Kids are innocent and easily happy, which is something we can all use to protect our youth.


Not only does exercise keep you fit and healthy, it relieves stress. Stress is one way to quickly age your mind and body. By getting your blood pumping and your endorphins going, you will keep yourself younger for a lot longer.


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