Five Types of Pictures You Never Post on Facebook


Facebook and other social media pages are huge for sharing and posting photos. We want to show off our lives and our families and our ins and outs to old friends, keep our families updated on everything we are doing and make sure that our far away loved ones feel close to home. It’s a nice concept, but it’s also one that comes with a great deal of danger. The internet is a place in which nothing really ever goes away. You can delete all you want, make all the changes you think are necessary to protect your privacy and do what needs doing, but nothing is ever truly private and personal on social media. And that leads us to photos; what you post might share with the world a lot more than you bargained for, and you might not even be aware of exactly what you’ve just done.

Photos of Your Home

It’s an exciting time buying a new house or doing some serious landscaping, and you want to show that off. But you should not, and this is especially true if your photos have your house number on it. You don’t want people to know where you live specifically, and that’s why you should avoid these photos.

Photos of Your Nude Kids

You might think it’s super cute to have your kids in the tub for their first bath, take a photo and then post it online. However, there are some seriously creepy people in the world and they might see that photo of a partially nude baby and use it for inappropriate things.

Bathroom Selfies

Because, ew. Bathroom selfies are disgusting. No one wants to see the bathroom in a photo, and no one wants to see a bunch of young women standing in front of a mirror covered in germs we can’t even think about right now. It’s just gross and no one with any self-respect would choose the bathroom in a public location as a prime photo op.

Photos of Mail

If you want to take a picture of the new cover of Vogue, great, but make sure your address is blacked out. The same goes for that hopeful acceptance letter from college or whatever. No one needs to know your address, trust me.

Drinking/Drug Photos

If you’re sitting at an event with a glass of wine, that’s one thing. But no one needs to see photos of you drinking shots on the bar at a club. And you shouldn’t be doing any kind of drugs, period, so that makes it impossible to post photos of that.

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images


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