Five Things you Should Put on Your Mid-Life Bucket List


A little red convertible, new clothes, extravagant spending, the desire to leave your life behind and move on; it is a very real thing that happens to many people when they reach their rumored ‘midlife crisis’ age. Many assume that this is something that happens only to men, and only those who are unhappy in their lives. It’s not true; even happy men go through this crisis and it’s usually something that they can’t help and many women experience the same. The kids are growing up and no longer need them, maybe spouses are a bit distant now that the kids are gone and their common ground is missing. Maybe you’ve been doing the same thing job-wise for so long you can’t remember ever having fun. Maybe the idea that you’re ‘young’ life is behind you and your ‘mature’ life is actually here is causing you to feel a bit of a crisis emerging. Instead of giving into it, create a midlife bucket list. This is going to help you stay calm and grounded and still be able to embrace change in your life. Here are five things to add to that bucket list now.

Put a Lock on a Bridge in Paris

Go buy a lock and a plane ticket for you and your spouse and head to Paris. Play, laugh, love and have fun. And don’t forget to head to the love bridge to put a lock on the fence. It’s a beautiful sentiment and it’s something everyone should try at least once. If you’ve already done this, go back and find your lock. It’s something really amazing.

Buy a Beach House/Mountain House/Country House

Just do it. If you can afford to do it, do it. You’ve always wanted one of them, so make it happen. Now is as good a time as any, and real estate is always an investment. That red convertible is just going to depreciate, so go ahead and buy the one thing you want that will actually increase in value.

Get a Pet

You’ve always wanted a dog or a cat or a bird or whatever; get one. Animals help you live longer, which is certainly going to make you feel better about aging. They’ll make you happier, less stressed and less anxious, so there’s actually no good reason in life not to get a pet.

Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been

Do it; go somewhere brand new. We are all so guilty of vacationing in the same places over and over again because we fall in love and can’t wait to return. This time, instead of going to same place over and over, go somewhere new and exciting you wouldn’t ordinarily. You’ll be glad you did.

Buy/Do/Go Something/Somewhere Once a Year Just for You

At least once a year, spend too much money on you. Buy that ridiculous bag you’ve wanted forever, take a spa weekend somewhere indulgent, go on a shopping trip in New York City or Milan. The point is just to do something for you; this is the most important bucket list item ever, because it’s all about and for you.

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