Five Reasons Why Amazon Prime is the Best Thing Ever


Amazon Prime is still new enough that not everyone has realized the real potential of this amazing buy. It’s a $99 per year cost, and that makes consumers a bit leery. After all, why would they want to pay $99 per year for something they can’t even see? That’s why we’ve taken the time to go ahead and see what the fuss is all about, and we’re here to tell you that if you shop online for things that can be easily purchased at Amazon on a regular basis – you want Prime. I’m not talking about once or twice a year. I’m talking regularly. If you make even just one online purchase a month from Amazon, you should get Prime. If you are not convinced this is the right product for you, let us help you understand just how amazing this service really is by outlining the five best reasons the Amazon Prime is so completely worth it in terms of the fee you pay each year.

Two-Day Shipping

Do you know how much two-day shipping usually costs? You could pay for this just three times by the time you pay for Prime. It’s worth it to get everything you buy in two days for the rest of the year.

Free Kindle Access

The  issue with reading on an electronic device is that you have to buy books. It’s not like going to the library and checking them out free of charge. But with Amazon Prime, you’re going to receive access to more than a half million free titles on your Kindle.

It Makes Life Easier

Imagine having diapers at your doorstep free of charge as far as shipping is concerned in two days or less. Imagine this service with formula, birthday gifts, toys and everything else; I have twins and I can’t say enough about how beneficial it is to have Prime – I really cannot.

The Monthly Price is Great

When you think about how much the cost to have Prime is on a monthly basis, it makes a lot more sense. You’d pay only $8.25 per month for this amazing service if you broke up the payments monthly. I mean, you can’t break up the payments, but you get what we are saying.

Netflix Competition

You can still watch most of the same shows on Amazon Prime as you can with Netflix, but as Netflix has lost a lot of movie titles, Amazon Prime has been adding them like crazy. It’s almost free when you look at it this way.

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