Five Products That Charge More for “Women’s Versions”


Let’s all take a quick moment to celebrate a moment of silence on this rare occasion. What, might you ask, are we celebrating? Well, I’ll tell you; my underutilized math skills have made an appearance and I’ve had an epiphany. Many women’s products are more expensive than men’s products. But wait – that is not all. But women, as a whole, are often paid cents on the dollar compared to men in corporate America. The math, friends, does not add up. Who knew a slightly floral scent and a pink container was so much more valuable than the masculine scent of a man’s product in a container any other color than pink. Why on earth are women shelling out more than men on the same exact product when they’re also lobbying for equal pay in the workforce? And before you get all, “Well, men buy engagement rings and that’s expensive,” on me, let’s just talk about why it seems even remotely worthwhile that women should pay more for deodorant than men when men clearly emit a more overwhelming scent? Go ahead and drop your jaws now because we have five products women pay for more for then men, and you just won’t believe it.


Someone somewhere did some math and found that at the same store, the same brand of deodorant was sold for both men and women. The woman’s container was 4% smaller than the men’s container, but it was also more than 50% more expensive. Who is doing this math, people?


We’re not going to call out any designers at any major makeup stores such as Sephora, but has anyone noticed that the exact same bottle of Burberry perfume is $64 for women and only $60 for men and the only difference is the color of the pattern on the identical bottles?

Professional Shampoo

Again, we aren’t calling out anyone like Redken or anything, but a bottle of the same shampoo for men and women with a different shape and color has a 42% price difference when directed at the women. It’s 42% more expensive – and we all know that women will buy more of it because we have more hair, so this is ridiculous.

Shaving Cream

Again, there is a 9% markup on the same brand, same size and same type of shaving cream for women. And we have more to shave, so we typically use more than men. We should get it for less since we buy more!

Bar Soap

For the same brand, the same number and the same size as men, women will pay 14% more for soap than men, and that’s just a little excessive, don’t you think? We certainly do think this is ridiculous.

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