Five “Ice Bucket Challenge” Causes That Took Off Just as Quickly

Ice Bucket Challengers Get Wet

The Ice Bucket Challenge was one of the most-talked about items of the summer. The challenge was used to help bring awareness to ALS, as well as to help raise money for the cause. Participants are encouraged to dump a bucket of ice water over their heads and make a donation to ALS. They can call out a friend to take the challenge and post a video online. If their friend does not participate, they are to make a $100 donation to ALS. It was a huge success for the foundation, and many other challenges made a spin-off of their own, even if they weren’t nearly as big.

My Tree Challenge

In this challenge, the people in Kerala challenged their friends and family to plant a tree sapling somewhere. This challenge was hugely successful in that area, even if it was not as popular in other countries, including the US. It’s a great way to encourage healthier air and a better environment.

Book List Challenge

This is a challenge that occurred on Facebook in which people were asked to post a list of their favorite books and what they liked most about each one. It was started by users in an effort to bring more awareness to literacy and the importance of it in everyone’s lives. The good news is that while it was successful in its circle more so than publicly, it was a big success in getting people to read and reminding people to pick up some summer reading.

Rubble Bucket Challenge

This spin-off of the Ice Bucket Challenge was funny and it was very popular, and it was actually very beneficial to its cause. It was started by a comedian by the name of Mohammed Darwaza and it was made even more popular by a journalist in Palestine who was looking to bring attention to the many people in Gaza who lost their homes because of the conflict the country has going on with Israel.

Love Bucket Challenge

This is a great cause started by a newspaper to help encourage the public to fill buckets with love – otherwise known as items that are desperately needed by orphanages around the world. The cause benefits children, so it was a huge success thanks to the many people who chose to participate and make donations.

Rice Bucket Challenge

This was a challenge that did not benefit a direct charity, but it did have something to say. People in India and South Asia were very upset about the wastefulness of water in the Ice Bucket Challenge, so they began to encourage their own friends and family to use rice instead of ice water to conserve water in the challenge.

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