Five of the Most Effective Leadership Styles


Being a natural born leader isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. We are not all natural born leaders. Some might seem as though they were born with an invisible crown upon their heads because they are such natural leaders, but they probably work very hard to maintain that level of confidence. Everyone is a leader in their own right; even if you don’t feel like it. Perhaps you haven’t yet found your niche. We are all leaders in our own right, and we can usually tell when someone else is a leader as well based on their leadership style. They’re not all the same, and they’re not all effective in every situation. Sometimes the best leaders have to know when to concede, when to admit they were wrong and when to step back from a situation. All leadership styles are effective in their own right, but some are more effective than others.

If you’re in a position of leadership and you are looking for a way to tweak your style a bit to make sure it’s more effective in the work place, let us help. Some of the most successful leaders in the world have given numerous interviews about their style and their views, and we have taken their example and provided you with some of the most successful and effective leadership styles to date.

Leadership Style: Respectful

You cannot be a leader if you do not respect the people around you. It does not matter if they are below you, above you or next to you; you have to respect everyone unless they give you a very clear and very definite reason to do otherwise. A good leader is one with respect for everyone in his or her employ/life. This is the man or woman who respects employees at the lowest rung of the corporate ladder just as much as the ones on the highest rung. This is a person who treats all others fairly and equally, and someone who knows that even those below them in terms of career titles are important. The person cleaning the bathrooms at the office is doing just as much to help that office run as the person who is making deals with others; everyone has a job that’s vital to the success of the company, and a successful leader is well aware of this. Additionally, a leader who shows respect and appreciation for others is one who will earn the respect and appreciation of those people; he or she will earn their loyalty and their trust, and that’s a sign of a good leader.

Leadership Style: Powerful

We all recognized power when we see it. It’s the person who walks into a room and the feeling changes. This is a leader who demands and commands attention and acknowledgement, one who will fight for what will work and who will not hesitate to turn down offers that will not benefit her or her company. This is the person who can say no to someone or tell them that their ideas aren’t what she’s looking for without upsetting that person because she is so matter-of-fact and to the point. She is constructive and effective and to-the-point. She knows the value of a minute and what it costs to waste one, and she is someone who will likely intimidate others without force.

Leadership Style: Charismatic

This is a style that you will recognize instantly. This is a charming leader. One who enters a room with a big smile, remembers names of just about everyone and always thinks to ask about the children or the aunt in the hospital, even though it’s not even remotely on his radar. He can charm the pants off just about anyone and make you feel so good about yourself you forgot why you were upset all day long. This style of leadership is completely effective when a deal needs making and the opposing force just will not budge. This leader makes you feel so good about everything you’ve accomplished, said and done that you will find yourself looking for a way to continue to do a great job or you will find yourself agreeing to do something you never thought you could do in the first place.

Leadership Style: Strategic

This is one of the most effective leadership styles in the world. The strategic leader is one who makes all decisions based on a situational force. This is the leader that assesses the situation and decides how to approach from there. This leader doesn’t have a set motivation as far as leadership goes, and sometimes it’s a bit difficult for others to trust a leader like this. However, this is not a leader that isn’t doing the job or that is two-faced or sneaky. This is an intelligent leader who understands that every situation is different and that every situation requires a bit of thought and understanding. He will approach the situation as he sees fit, whether that means going into a situation as a friendly face, a foe or a force to be reckoned with; he knows what’s needed to get his way and he will use that to do just that.

Leadership Style: The People’s Leader

This is someone who will work well in the customer service industry. At the end of the day, this is the leader who understands that he or she alone cannot command a company or employees or a business without the people who work for her and utilize her products. This is a leader who wants feedback, who wants suggestions and who wants teamwork when she leads. She wants to know how the people feel so she can make decisions that will make them happier, make her more successful and always increase the bottom line. This is an effective style of leadership particularly in the customer service industry, and it’s one that can be used to find flaws that need fixing and to facilitate immediate success in any place of business no matter the industry.

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