Five Awesome Field Trips We All Took in Elementary School


If there’s one time in my life I miss more than most it’s definitely elementary school. Before I became a complete loser in middle and high school I had my glory years a little too early. It was in elementary school that I did best in sports, got all the ladies, and didn’t really have to try at anything. I think I somewhat returned to form in college but I’d like to forget the ages of 12-18 if that’s possible. One thing I truly miss about being in the 1st through 6th grades? Field trips. Man those were awesome. The whole class basically taking a vacation day and it counted as school! Here are 5 that I’m sure most of you went on also….

Science Museums

Who in elementary school doesn’t go to some kind of science museum on a field trip? It’s at the science museum where you saw things like giant bubbles and wacky gadgets. You learned about crap like vapor and engines. I used to love all the exhibits where you were allowed to touch stuff. Those ruled.

Nature Stuff

In New York it was a state park called Caumsett. And I”m sure most of you in whatever stats you’re in had field trips that involved being in the outdoors. It was on these trips you saw weird little animals and had to wear boots. You got to mess around in swamps and look at weird shells. It was definitely awesome….except when you get ticks.

Safety Town

Most towns or cities have one of these. It’s like a funny little police school that teaches you the rules of the road. The one I went to had these awesome little cars that we were allowed to drive. They had these stupid little skits and all that. It was definitely my least favorite but at least it got me out of school.


I friggin’ loved the planetarium as a kid. Getting to go with your school and goof off with friends? Awesome.


I feel like not too many elementary schools take kids to the aquarium but if you were one of the lucky ones (I was) it’s a great experience. I’m a huge fan of sharks and have always been.


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