Five Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Kids


Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and that means it is time for you to go ahead and get some shopping done for your kids. We have a few simple suggestions that will make it possible for you to ensure the kids have a great day filled with love – and that makes us happy. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on the kids for this cute little holiday, but a gesture of love from you to them is going to make them feel very good about themselves and how you feel about them. Go ahead and make the kids smile and feel a little bit more loved this holiday by getting them a few sweet little gifts like a beautiful Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Watch that they can enjoy on their own. So that you don’t have to break the bank or your budget, follow our simple advice for cute gifts perfect for the littlest people in your life.


Kids love books, whether they can read or not. How about heading to the nearest bookstore and choosing a special book about love that you can give to your little ones on Valentine’s so that they feel loved and adored?

A Sweet Treat

Who doesn’t love a little something sweet on a day all about love? You don’t have to load your kids up on sugary treats, however. You can give them a small heart filled with a few pieces of candy they can have once and not keep around the house for days on end.

Something Useful

Do your kids need something? New tennis shoes? A new bathing suit now that spring is almost here? We love giving little gifts that are useful for sweet holidays. It makes the kids feel special, but it also crosses something off your list of things you need to buy; and they don’t know any different.

An Outdoor Toy

There is nothing more fun than outdoor toys, especially on this holiday. It won’t be long now before even the coldest people in the country can go outside, so a gift that your kids can take outside is going to win major points. For example, how about bubbles or sidewalk chalk that will allow them to play outside for hours on end?

A Fun Day

Instead of a tangible gift do something fun with the family on Valentine’s Day. The best gift you can give your kids is your love, so why not make memories instead of a mess with paper and gift wrap? A day at the zoo, the park or even the bowling alley can make for a fun moment.

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