First Date Mistakes Women Make

I admit that it’s been well over 11 years since I was a part of the dating world, and even then I was only 18-years-old. However, I have friends and family members who date regularly and I’ve learned a lot from them. Being on the outside looking in, there is a lot that daters don’t see and don’t think about before they go on a first date. However, after asking several men for their opinion, I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of things my girlfriends do on first dates do not impress the men they are seeing, which doesn’t make a second date very promising.

Overdoing it on the Designers

We all love our designer bags and shoes. Trust me, I love mine. However, when I buy them, I avoid the ones with logos all over them, and apparently that’s more attractive. What you wear says a lot about you. When a man sees a woman covered in designer labels, he automatically assumes she values status over anything else.

Not Eating

Men don’t think it’s cute when you don’t eat. Just order the burger that you really want, okay? There’s nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who eats and is proud of it. Exactly why do women think eating nothing is cute in the first place?

Your Education

He loves that you are an educated woman, but constantly reminding him that you have a Ph.D. and therefore you are smarter, more educated, and more informed than he (or anyone else in the room) is, is not a good thing.

Talking Too Much

Sure, he would love to hear all about your life, but he doesn’t want to hear it all at once. He wants the chance to get to know you over time, not all at once.


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