Only Fire Your Childcare Provider If……


The person or facility you hire to care for your children is very important. These are your babies. They are your kids. They are the people you brought into the world and the people who make you craziest but also rock your world. Your kids are everything to you; just as mine are to me. That gives me the expertise to tell you that I understand how difficult it is to trust others with your kids. Whether it is family, friends or even someone you are forced to hire outside of your home to watch your kids, you want to make sure you get the best of the best; and then you still worry. This leads us to the question; when do I fire my childcare provider? There are some good reasons to fire a childcare provider outside of the fact that your kids outgrow the need for care or you move and can’t bring him or her along for the ride. There are also some other instances in which it’s okay to fire your childcare provider. We have them for you here.

Your childcare provider touches your children inappropriately

Your childcare provider breaks the rules you have in place

Your childcare provider lies to you

Your childcare provider is not trustworthy

Your children do not care for their childcare provider

You suspect your childcare provider is mistreating your kids

Your childcare provider shows up to watch your kids late frequently

Your childcare provider is not reliable

Your childcare provider has an addiction

Your childcare provider teaches your kids inappropriate things

There are a number of reasons you might choose to fire your childcare provider, and we wouldn’t presume to think we could name them all. However, you have to go with your gut. If your instinct tells you that there is something amiss, there probably is. The honest truth is that you do not need a reason to fire your childcare provider if you’re uncomfortable.

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