Finding Free Time for More Productivity

If only there was a way we could make better use of our free time. Oh wait; that implies that we have free time at some point during our busy days. While it might not feel as if free time is abundant in your life, you’d be surprised just how much of it you actually have. It’s not noticeable, but a few minutes here and there can help you get a lot accomplished and help you make better use of wasted time.

Waiting Rooms

At some point, you’re sitting in a waiting room. It could be at the pediatrician, your doctor, the dentist or your tax accountant’s office. Use this time wisely; make your grocery list. Plan your calendar. Go over your notes for your next big meeting. Answer phone calls, respond to emails or coordinate invitation lists for upcoming events. There’s a myriad of activities you can do to make the rest of your life easier instead of actually waiting in waiting rooms.

Eliminate Waste of Time Moments

How much time do you waste on a daily basis doing things you needn’t do? For example, how much time do you waste at the supermarket standing in line for milk because you forgot to purchase it yesterday on your weekly shopping trip? Making a list ahead of time and checking items off as you go can eliminate needless trips. You probably have more wasted time during your day that you can find a way to get rid of to make better use of your free time.


Sometimes we waste time doing things that aren’t as important as others. By making a list and prioritizing the items on said list, you can accomplish the most important things first and then use your free time to handle the less important things. You might even have more free time because you’re eliminating more important tasks first.


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