Find Out Which Birthstone Belong To You!


Birthstones are considered to be a reflection of our personalities and show the diversity of individuals born across the calendar. Beyond their sparkle and allure, they represent the qualities we value. Let’s uncover the hidden gems of each month and see what secrets it holds for every birthstone enthusiast.

January – Garnet

Anastasiia Ovsiannykova/Getty

As the chill of January blankets the world, garnet emerges as the beacon of warmth and vigor. It symbolizes passion and romance with its deep crimson hue. It inspires bravery and fosters prosperity, igniting one’s determination within.

February – Amethyst


February’s amethyst gem bathes in regal purple, evoking a sense of tranquility and inner peace. Renowned for its calming properties, amethyst is said to soothe the mind and promote calmness amid life’s tumultuous seas.

March – Aquamarine


Aquamarine is reminiscent of the calm ocean abyss. The serene blue and green capture the openness of the sky above and the transparency of the water below. Aquamarine gives tired spirits comfort and rejuvenation since it alludes to hope, youth, and eternal life.

April – Diamond


April’s birthstone is the famous diamond, which shines with unmatched brilliance and clarity. This wedding favorite represents enduring love and unshakable loyalty because it is the pinnacle of purity and strength. It is a classic representation of the boundless potential of the human spirit.

May – Emerald


The lush green emerald is the verdant gem of May, eliciting the regeneration of spring. Emerald, a stone of renewal and expansion, is thought to nourish the heart and instill energy. It is a talisman for wealth and the blooming of fresh starts.

June – Pearl and Alexandrite


June features a unique duo of birthstones: the luminous pearl and the enchanting alexandrite. Pearls are created from the depths of the sea and are the epitome of timeless elegance. Meanwhile, alexandrite signifies intuition and newfound perspectives.

July – Ruby

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The month of July is like a ruby in flames, a treasure of power and desire. Radiating with vibrant red, the ruby stands for love, courage, and vitality. It is a protective amulet that strengthens resolve and fortitude in the heart.

August – Peridot


Peridot is a striking gemstone that comes into full bloom in August. With its green shade, peridot exudes richness and positive energy. It is believed to ward off negativity and inspire joyous celebration of life’s blessings.

September – Sapphire

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The brilliant sapphire, September’s birthstone, gleams with cosmic blue tones evocative of the vastness of the night sky. Sapphire is a stone of knowledge, truth, and holy understanding and is a beacon of enlightenment and serenity. It directs the seeker toward greater truths and serves as a totem of protection and heavenly favor.

October – Opal and Tourmaline

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Opal and Tourmaline represent October, dazzling with their kaleidoscopic luster and iridescent colors, embodying creativity, inspiration, and spontaneity. On the other hand, Tourmaline is for healing, balance, and immunity against negative energies.

November – Topaz and Citrine

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Topaz and citrine make a lovely pair in November, emitting warm fall vibes. It means liveliness and wisdom with its golden aura. Additionally, citrine radiates with sunny yellow tones, leading to abundance and success.

December – Turquoise and Tanzanite


Lastly, December offers a blissful tandem of turquoise and tanzanite, bringing forth the tranquil beauty of winter landscapes. Turquoise, with its sky-blue tone, exemplifies therapy and spiritual attunement. Tanzanite is a stone of transformation, insight, and profound divine awakening.


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