Feeling Down? 3 Instant Pick-Me-Ups to Change Your Mood

Feeling down is not uncommon. Everyone has a day in which they just feel so down that the entire world feels against them. They feel they have nothing good going on, they’re not doing well enough or that they’re wasting their time and the clock just won’t stop ticking. It happens to the best of us; we feel down. It’s human nature. The next time you feel down, remember that there are three ways you can pick yourself right back up and improve your mood almost immediately.


Whether it’s from your dog, cat, baby or husband, affection is a great way to prevent yourself from feeling down. It can boost your mood, release feel-good endorphins in your brain and help you feel more loved than you did when you woke up. The next time you’re feeling down, find a baby with an adorable gummy smile or a puppy who is so happy to see you he can’t contain himself. I dare you to stay down after a few minutes in the presence of either.


Sometimes all you need is a playlist of upbeat, happy music and a nice drive with the windows down to make you feel good. If you don’t feel like listening to music in the car, put it on at home, open the windows and rock out for a bit. Better yet, slip on your ear buds and head for a nice long walk or job to help you boost your mood and stop you from feeling so down.


It is, after all, the best medicine for all bad moods, down spells and injuries. When you laugh, you feel good. Find a friend who is funny and get together. Watch a hilarious movie (might I suggest Old School or any of the American Pie movies? There’s also television shows such as Ellen DeGeneres and Modern Family…They’ll make you laugh). Do something that will make you laugh hysterically and your down mood will end in no time!


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