Feel More Confident When Meeting New People

Everyone experiences at least one moment in which they feel completely incompetent. Maybe you feel this way when you meet your idol at work or when you oversleep and rush through the morning leaving you feeling unprepared and not at all put together at that big meeting. Whatever it is, you are not alone. However, some people are simply less confident on a daily basis than the rest of the world. It makes it difficult to meet new people when you feel less than confident, which is why you might need these three tips.

Focus on Your Positives

If you meet someone new and spend the entire time wondering if they’ve noticed your socks don’t match or your hair isn’t perfect or that your handwriting is worse than your doctor’s, you are more likely to fumble or feel stupid than you are if you stop that. Instead, focus on your positive traits. So your handwriting is worse than a 3-year-old’s but your work is flawless. Focus on that and you’ll come across and feel more confident.

How Would Others Describe You

When you’re feeling less than confident, take a minute to put yourself in your friend’s shoes and ask yourself what she would say if she were asked to describe you. Chances are good that she wouldn’t use the same negative words you use, but instead use great words that make you feel good and confident.

Remembering the Truth

When it comes to meeting new people, you probably want them to like you and you might try too hard or be someone you aren’t. This might make you feel insecure. It may not be the most pleasant thing you ever do, but if you remember that not everyone in the world is going to think you are amazing, it’s far easier to meet new people. If they like you, they like you; if they don’t, their loss.


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